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Born in 1968 in Łódź, Poland


Artistic education: The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, Poland
Graduaded in Graphic Design in 1996 and in Sculpture in 2018

The effigy of a woman, from art of ancient cultures, prehistoric people and primitive nations is inspiration in my art. I explore it and look for my own way of creation. My creation of this universal language talking about signs of femininity. "La Que Sabe" - She Who He knows - from the book "Running With Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, accompany me from the beginning. La Que Sabe is a representation of the archetypes that exist in every woman. "La Que Sabe (...) reflects the personal and original past of mankind, because she passes through generations and is as old as time. She is the chronicler of women's intentions, keeps traditions alive. (...) She who knows, it exists in each of us. It lives in the deepest layers of the female psyche, eternal, ever-living ego ”.

There will pass a dozen, hundreds of years maybe, before the line of woman's body will lose its universal feminine element. It will stop to be her sign. The sign, which is the one of the oldest pieces of art, created by human being. My art now belongs to time sequence of her presence. The main expression in my art is line and it's the theme, which shows the charm and characteristics of the woman's body. The shape of my works could become realistic, but the next step in creation could be abstract. It is shown in the sculptures, ceramic reliefs, graphics. The prints on old family underskirt, nightdress or embroidered openwork pillowcase are the symbol of relationship of generations.


Tchnienie w kamieniu I.jpg
variations with a displacement Ia.jpg
textile 3.JPG
2119 1.JPG

I work in stone ( marble, granite, sandstone), wood, ceramic

Computer graphic is main actifity but I print on textile also. The prints on old family underskirt, nightdress, embroidered openwork pillowcase or bedsheet.

The title of the deck is the "road". The pictures was originally created as hand-made fired glazed clay tablets, which were then engraved by scratching out lines and painted. The road is shown by lying out the deck in the way in 2 rows you can see this road connecting each major arcana. This means too, that one can arrange the cards in various ways to present a narrative journey through the arcana.In the minors each suits has his own characteristic colour and backgrounds are formed by digitally mixing engraved clay images and images of fire, water, sky and stone for the cards Ace through 10. The  cards are in feeling and technique similar to the majors. Once the 'cards' where ready they where photographed and treated to give this coherent and natural earthy feeling deck. This is a must-have deck for collectors of European tarots.

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